places for dreaming


From a small series of Frog Prince drawings I’m working on. Ink and metal leaf on Saunders Waterford hot press.

The Forest’s Secretmodel: Meredith Adelaide mua/hair: LC Hair and Makeup costume/hair design/photography: Kindra Nikole Photography assistant: Austin Tott | Photography[Newest in my ongoing dreamscapes series. The amount of work that went into this photo was immense, to say the least. This is certainly the most prep work, planning, and labor I’ve spent on a single image to date. I’ll have a blog post up soon, detailing the work and providing behind the scenes images and even discussing the development of this character a bit. Everything worn by the model was handmade and designed by me.  Huge thanks to all involved, but especially to Austin, who took on the tedious task of hand sewing each and every pinecone to the headdress, as well as offering aid on set.]